A tribute


nishath and her 2 boys

My dearest freind nishath and her  two little boys Ayaan and Amaar have just left back to the States after a long stay in India.

The concept of friendship is amazing. I can thing of various words that we as friends  we meet, talk, laugh, cry, fight, leave, marry, divorce, make other friends, discuss, gossip, encourage, brainstorm, motivate.. By doing all this we also form a bond. A bond so strong linked with memories and soul.

Life might take us far far away on a different journey, sometimes across other lands or just a different path. we may not meet for days, months or years together but friends are those who when we meet can sit across a table and say – “do you remember the time….” and then the conversation never stops!






























I love the excitement when I am meeting a freind, it doesnt matter if I have met the friend y’day or last year. I am not an extrovert and make very few friends and the ones that;s broken scars me.

If I have to pick a word that describes what friendship means to me I would have to pick “sacred”, because that’s exactly how I view  them.


















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