Work at home – really??

Sitting hunched over my computer, staring into the screen reading about a new place and suddenly the door bell rings.. I look around but realize that I am alone at home babysitting a few carpenters that are banging the shit out of some wood. 

No, I don’t need any vegetables thank you! since I am out of my chair I stroll to the kitchen to get some tea and maybe a few cookies, the phone rings.

If I am at work I don’t pick up my calls as I am usually hunched over the computer “concentrating”, but in actuality I hate talking when people can hear my conversations so I wait till I have more privacy before calling anyone back!!! 

The phone continues to ring and I look at the screen and its Gayi and since I am “working from home” what better time to talk and find out how she is doing? so I pick up the call. While she goes on and on about visiting Dastakar and all the shopping she did while I mourn about being stuck at home!! I put the phone down telling her I need to get back to work and just about getting into the groove of things when the carpenter decides that this is the best time to discuss important design matters with “madam”. OK so a couple of minutes should not matter, This is the reason I am staying at home in the first place.

All doubts settled, decisions discussed and I hurriedly head back to work knowing I have already wasted almost half a day.But eventually I had to disconnect my landline, put my cellphone on silent, and pretend I am not at home to get a decent amount of work done.




I know I have to sit up late tonight to finish up my target deadlines and miss a few winks before heading to school tomorrow morning but just to be able to sit around a table over great big mugs of coffee and ginger chai  discussing the future, talk about the past and laugh about the present, with a group of friends meeting with no prior plans, makes it all absolutely worthwhile.




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