Ace of hearts!!


Loud laughter, some mock-teasing, groans and shouts of victory all around my dining table. this was my Sunday evening.

The dining table holds a special place in my family. The dining table has always been an important peice of furniture in our house be in Coorg or in Bangalore. It’s a place where we have all our family meals, discuss ideas, have conversations and play games. yes yes games!!!

ImageBeing a Coorgi playing cards is a compulsory skill one learns as a child. It starts with simple games like pairs, banker the mindless nonsensical ones and goes directly into rummy and jackpot. I dont think there are very many coorgs who dont know how to play a hand of rummy!!

Visiting Dastakar (an annual craft /textile exhibition in Bangalore) I ended by buying a game “chowka bara” a game that I used to play in my Imagechildhood during summers with the neighbours in my grandmothers house. It me back to a time where snakes & ladders, ludo, boogle, monopoly were games that was there at home to play in your room when you had visitors or friends over. So what better way to end a Sunday with a trial game of Chowka Bara a game of strategy, luck, competition and loads of fun!! 


All of us sitting around the dining table playing Chowka Bara which led to Pictureka another loud rambunctious game filled with laughter and ended with a game of cards!

There is no age in playing board games and of course its old fashion but like the old days, board games build communication, bond and most important bring about laughter into an otherwise boring household.



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