While it lasted!

la la ..lala.. lala.. hmmm hmm .. ohhh what a beautiful day..  that was me humming after a nice early morning walk at Lalbhag. I feel refreshed hoping that I have breathed fresh un-polluted air (in Bangalore that’s a dream but no harm in hoping) exercising my redundant protesting calf muscles and dreaming about hot masala dosa’s and crispy vadas at MTR. yummmyy!!!!

Inspired, I picked up leaves and sticks that caught my eye while walking. Oh! No! one part of my brain is protesting calling it junk, While my optimistic side is itching to pick up my paints and make a statement.

2 coffees, 1 dosa, 1 vada and many laughters later I reach home to pull out my redundant water colours, photo paints and indian inks to try my hand at art. Oh!! joy oh joy!! I wonder why I don’t do this often as I watch the blending of colours on my new “Haathi Chaap” notebook which is going to my art journal that will document days that I want to remember through colors, doodle, scraps or just words.. anything…


my eyes slowly glance at the clock and I gasp.. Its 12:00 and no maid…. reality sinks in, the la la land i was floating in crashed onto the hard floor. I quickly mentally am making a list lunch has to be made, kitchen needs to be cleaned, vessels needs to be washed…. OH WELL…… I ENJOYED IT WHILE IT LASTED.

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