Kids will be Kids

It’s been so long since I had young boys staying at home. The last time i was around kids, I was young (er) and nothing really bothered me!

So this weekend had my 10 year old nephew at home and suddenly found myself surrounded by a restless, antsy, bored, jumpy, fussy, loveable, hug-able child who was so used to being glued into the screen of his computer, phone or Ipad playing games. 

ImageSo what started out to be a lazy and supposedly relaxed Saturday with a day at the driving range to explore my opinion of golf (you should see whats left of ym shoe) and then moving on to chilled out lunch and beer at PlanB, turned out to be mind boggling evening of board game marathon to entertain this child and ensure his education and initiation into board games!Image





I was hoping for the apartment kids to come out and entertain mister.. but to my bad luck all the kids seen to be inside the house studying hard for their mid-terms!! slow and steady whines of boredom as he was banned from his electronic games for the weekend put more pressure on me to ensure he has a wonderful time at my care.

So out comes the old fahioned games of UNO.. with 2 other bored adults and then moving on to my new in the collection ALIAS! after stumbling around the half read instructions finally the game began amidst hilarity and aggression between the elderly Girls Vs young Boys!! 

Dinner which was a trying time with words like “want to throw up” “am full” cant eat” was tackled by bribing with a game of Pictionary which went on till the wee hours of the morning! 

Sunday was a similar day of trying to keep our youngest member occupied with activities that was interesting and educational so he did not miss his video games but also looked forward to visiting us next!

My fav was the age old Chowka Bara and Bluff!! I had so much fun playing this… Already dreaming of the next board-game weekend.

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