Has it been so long? Where does the time go




CLICK!!           CLICK!!


It’s so easy to smile when you’re in front of a camera. I don’t think twice. Yes, although I prefer to be behind the camera making people smile or grimace with irritation but my lips will automatically turn upwards when someone aims their camera at me.

Time stands still….

                                                                                                            you grow old no more. 

                   unconscious memories are tagged along the pictures….


These were my thoughts when i chanced upon some wayward photos lying in my cupboard. These out-of-the-blue decisions of junking my junk is more often to go back in time to reminiscence about the time gone by, people chanced upon and recalling a lot of laughters and some tears that have been shed.


I do not remember why. Nor is the memory clear. but I am absolutely sure that those days was absolute fun. The chaos of aunts, brothers, husbands, sisters wives, grandparents, children, nieces, nephews.. 3 generations of people intricately blending harmoniously and bonding over drinks, food and conversation, the moment captured and frozen in time & space.

The visits get rarer, distance grows further, modernity and etiquettes changes as quickly as the ticking seconds needle, All we have is this memory to show us what the next couple of generations are missing!!




Pensive and restless, as I think of all the what was and what if’s bought an urdu poem  to my mind. It states very aptly “all the relationships that we possess will end one day and ultimately it is only our memories and intentions that keep us company”  








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3 thoughts on “Has it been so long? Where does the time go

  1. Hardly get to see Kodava family gathering these days except for in the weddings/functions….

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