Exceptional Persona, Brilliant Leadership

To quote Tim Reid who sums up Jobs perfectly “So much to learn from such a complicated man who made things so simple!” 

Got reading this article thanks to Dad’s freind / Collegue who took the pains to tear the pages and give it to dad.

The entire article is worth a read my favourite part is where Jobs words trigger Corning to make “gorilla glass” for the iPad and iPhones

Steve Jobs have always fascinated my imagination – A man from rags to riches story combined with sprinkles of the Midas gold incerpts.. can it get more inspiring. Ousted from Apple his baby he builds Pixar and back to apple only to fortify the company and to stay one step ahead of the customers and surprise them at every turn!!

Will Apple last without Steve Jobs – depends on what new products the management is working on to bring on the table, as well as weather they are able to retain the Zen-like philosophy of keeping it simple!!!

Click to read more:  http://hbr.org/2012/04/the-real-leadership-lessons-of-steve-jobs/

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