“The Artists way” by Julia Cameroon


Most of my waking hours, snippets enter my heads and also exit in the same speed. Many a times I sigh and say they make a good starting point for a book I might write. ok maybe not a book but could it atleast be a screenplay? maybe a short story? one day!!

Yesterday however I made a vow to my artist self that I will jot down however trivial a thought that comes to me. “Jot-down”, “artist self”, “book”, “write” -For those who know me really well might be saying what now? These words are clues to tell you that I have started another project. I am attempting Julia Cameroon’s The Artist’s Way again. I completed it a long time ago like almost 10 years ago after teaming up with my friend Nishath and after that I have re-attempted the same many a times with many a friend, but was never successful. So why is this different? I can’t answer that but I think time is favorable as well as there are a couple of people who represent the “team” but its so loosely woven that you are your own motivator! maybe good in a different sort of way.

I have always felt The methods in this book is spot on. The morning pages that sort your day into a productive one, the artists date that”force you to do something that seems exciting / trivial / or plain cliched. It was this book that bought about various changes consciously or unconsciously to what I hope into being a better person that I am today. Some of the obvious changes are:

– consciously ticking off my bucket list

– traveled consistently

– looked at whats important

– Learned to let go without anger

– pursued new activities like learning a language, learning a craft

– let go of people who were weights

– appreciated people who gave me wings

– valued friendship

– went the extra mile for people I care

– made more art

– willing to forgive and let go

– less materialistic and more sensitive to finance

So yesterday I was racking my brains as well a my mentors’ about this week’s artist date. what do I do? what is everyone doing? inspire me people!!! Pratima sent me a couple of links, Shiwani suggested that we go to the same brand of stores in different branches and explore, Caro was strangely silent.. wonder what she is plotting? During all this I stumbled upon a website on how to respect ideas. It talked about

– don’t assume that ideas will come just because its convenient to you

– respect ideas enough to write down / sketch / describe / draw for you to take it forward at a later time.

– Dont write-off an idea. it may come in handy 5 years later

– value your ideas every small one of them

– If its rubbish then its rubbish. accept that not all ideas are great

So back to my Vow I took, I will jot down every single, small idea that I get and see where it goes. So here I was today morning, overslept as usual and having just put my brush in my mouth I have my episodes of inspiration. I quickly drop the brush run out in search of a book and 20 minutes later I have what you call a story!!

Good Bad or ugly I have written 3 pages of maybe the most trivial story ever but its mine, written in the morning  between brushing my teeth and having a shower. Of course the idea stopped abruptly. I need to coax and woo my invisible artist but that’s what the book will help me do anyways.

So Today as of now I am going to enjoy the feeling of being an author who had an inspiration and go to sleep with a smile.

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