Every cloud has a silver lining

When I ponder over this proverb that “every cloud has a silver lining I picture a large heavy cloud up in the sky with sun shining behind it refelecting its radiant rays all around the cloud as in its protetive halos

A great saint once said “if you welcome happiness then you should also welome troubles and miseries as they both go hand in hand.”

Look at the Indian Mythology, In the Mahanharatha the Pandavas manage to gamble and lose thier home for 15 long years, In the Ramayana Ram, Laxman and Sita lived a life ine forest filled with hardship unfit for a young prince & his family. In these people did not have hope and make the best of everyday, how would tey expect to endure and succeed with their mission

Look at our own lives. we are sometimes surround by death, illness, unemployment, poverty and various other hardships in various phases of our lives.If we approahed every bump and every fall like a death card, we could never pick ourselves up and take the next step.

Shakespeare once said that men were puppets in God’s hands, but I like to think of our lives like being in a video game. without the curves and twists the plot gets boring abd mundane. Similarly in life without The twists& turns, the falls and tumbles we will never know how to be thankful for all the good things, we will never find the strength to pick ourselves up and we will never be able to look up to the cloud and hope that  there are better days to look forward to.

Hope is what sometimes gets up out of our beds, hope is the enthusiasm that fires our living, hope is the loud that waits one day for the hane to float by the sun and generate happiness.

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