It always seems impossible until it happens…

While the whole family is coming together to be with you during your last few hours in this earth, I am reminiscing  our time with each other. As tears of unfairness fall, memories flint by, conversations get played, images are being treasured as I know I can’t make any more.

I remember feeling hip and special while you dropped me off to college every day. Me, a 16 year old sitting behind a cool dude in leather jacket getting dropped off every morning. Girls would look at me in envy while some actually asked me what’s my relationship with you was.

I remember the fun times we had during get together’s – be it wedding or holidays. I remember your subtle comments and “laugh your ass off” humor,  I remember you taking life in your stride and standing tall and most of all I remember your soft smile when you listened.

I remember the light in your face when you spoke about your family, the many antics of your kids that bought out the twinkle in your eye, the shrug of your shoulder which spoke of a 1000 sorrows and how talking politics made you stand a bit taller.

Who will tell your kids what an amazing father you would have been? who will hold your wife’s hands when she feels the big bad world? who will console them when all they want is a hug from the man they looked up to?

If I could get some answers, maybe this pain would be bearable but for now I hold on to the image of you sitting in my house, holding a glass of whiskey and discussing politics.

Rest In Peace Ashok Mama, you will be sorely missed!!

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