Blog on Sadhguru's poetry

Before he creeps upon you


Broken relationships

 Bad health 

Has constantly been able to shock and remind me on how temporary the smile of our lips are. While we are furiously running between the pattern of “work-home- me” it eludes us that the people we care about are in the periphery.

Do they need someone to share a laugh or a tear?

Are they looking for a simple conversation in this highly nuclear world?

 Be the one to care! Be the one to laugh or cry! Be the one to share! 

I came across this poem in the 11th April 2015 edition of Deccan Herald newspaper. I was floored! I am not a regular reader of poetry but have enjoyed a few as and when I have stumbled onto them. I decided to break my blog block by re-posting this poem by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev of Isha Foundation.

Deepest crevices of the body 

Where the life making magic is rooted and efflugent.

In the very same crevices

 is the dark depth pregnant 

with inertia of death.

To be upon the highest pitch

One needs to constantly enliven.

To be ahead of the sun in coming

Awake. To be alive enough to 

Welcome the moon and the stars.

To imbibe the fragrance of the 

flower ahead of the bees and the birds. 

To know the coolness of the mist 

before it touches the leaf or a blade of grass.

To be able to catch a 

snowflake in its journey of decent

To know the stillness of death 

 before he creeps upon you.

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