Confused in China

My china trip was a bit exhausting! We had only 10 days and we were trying to cram in as much of China as we could. Being Indian, I feel if I don’t cram in as much in a day, especially if the place has so much to see, then it is not value for money. Therefore, there we were heading to yet another destination in Beijing. I have now forgotten the sequence of the sights we visited but remember that I was very tired and irritable for being stuck in one of the infamous Beijing traffic jams. My eyes were scanning for any Starbucks outlet to soothe my caffeine deficiency. Suddenly there was blinkers coming on, our driver was manoeuvring the car to the side adding to more chaos on the road and I gathered that we were probably going to stop. The driver was though speaking in Chinese, was gesturing a great deal for us to understand that we have to jump out around the traffic and make sure we survive. Eventually amidst the honking and the pollution, our guide, Gayathri and I manage to jump out. All around us were buildings in glass and steel and nothing shouted culture, history or even looked aged. Our guide points towards the pedestrian over bridge in front of us and mumbles “bird’s nest.” While walking towards the destination I scan the area to which she pointed and I see scraggly dried up tree or two, filled with old nests. Immediately my over active mind goes “Oh wow they are protecting some endangered species who are laying eggs here” I could not wait to hear the stories behind these nests! While we huffed and puffed climbing the over-bridge, I pointed the tree to Gayathri and said we are here to see the bird’s nest. So now we had 2 people all excited and peeped at the overhead branches trying to guess the bird. Unable to keep the mystery going, we both turned towards our guide only to find her facing the opposite direction looking at a large circular dome structured stainless steel building and with a big smile she points to it and says “Bird’s nest, specially designed swimming pool complex built by China for the Olympics”!!


Gayathri and me visited China (Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’ian and Hong Kong) in March ’14

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