Weekend retrospection

Friday evening conversation after work with the last few stragglers who were still hanging around the office was centered on “what’s plans for the weekend”? While the replies around me were random as smoke up, drink with friends, attending a beer and food promotion, too many plans will go wth the flow, I found myself thinking of my ideal weekend: having an after breakfast snooze, after lunch snooze and a good night’s sleep.

Whaat!! What.. just went through my brains?  What happened to weekend ranging from go drinking Friday night that continues well into Saturday; proceed to eat, drink and make merry the whole of Saturday and pass out on Sunday!

Oh when.. Oh when did I get so boring?

Today being Sunday, in retrospect, while there was no party nor was there any passing out, my memories of the weekend that went by included a lot of pending chores, finishing a novel, lunch with dad, coffee with friends and some self-reflection in the kitchen.

When friends and family used to say age creeps up, it was always meant to the person next to me or even behind me but never at me. I have no idea when age crept up and made itself comfortable in my life.

Seize the day my friends… as who knows when we get older!



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