My journey with the saree pact

For many years I have been fretting about my sarees in the cupboard. Are they safe from the dust and air for long? Will it start showing folding marks? Our lifestyle doesn’t allow us to keep them in regular sunlight, or have the luxury to roll sarees or fold them flat and away from the sun. I know if I lock them in my cupboard away from my eyes, I will not wear them ever! Therefore at the risk of damaging them I keep them in my cupboards wrapped in thick bedsheets so it always within reach. Space is and will always be a huge concern in today’s small apartments and homes.

But I love sarees, every exhibition, every handloom event that I attend, I buy. Whether it is a Kalamkari saris with Ramayana in the pallu, or colour block tussar in stunning reds and black or even the soft authentic Mysore silks if I fall in love with them I need to just have them.  I used to buy them for the color, the craft and to supplement what is not in my collection. I also used to have a checklist for some of the craft that I don’t have in my cupboard. Not anymore. Sadly reality hit and I know now wearing sari will always be a rarity.

When the #100sareepact started, thanks to the brainwave of Ally and Anju, I was excited that I would get to wear some of the sarees. I did not realize the impact it will have on me. The stories that I will get to share, stories of origin, stories on the craft and so much more. More important I also got to hear stories from others.

Memories came tumbling! It could have been about anything; a particular moment, conversations surrounding it, the weaver, the company I had when I was shopping, the last time I wore it, the exhibition I bought it at and so much more.

I may have not completed 100 sarees, I was not even close. I think I am still in single digits but every time I wore a saree I wore it with pride. I sometimes got overwhelmed on how much a garment can reflect my personality, talk to me and i now know that this garment will give me company even as I  grow old.

With 2016 approaching, I am hoping to wear and make a few more memories with my sarees.


nidhi berera, #100sareepact

Bought this sari in 2003 in Calcutta, on my visit there to visit my uncle and nephew


nidhi berera, #100sareepact

Grandmom’s saree almost 50 years old. Silver border adding a touch of luxury


nidhi berera, #100sareepact

Bought when i went to Cobblestone’s earliest exhibition


nidhi berera, #100 sareepact

From my mom’s collection. i have a picture in my head of her wearing this during my childhood


nidhi berera, #100sareepact

One of my fav saris from my collection, should wear it to experience it


nidhi berera, #100sareepact

A moment with my Avva, in my Byloom cotton


nidhi berera, #100sareepact

refurbished saree that was returned to me by my Avvi.


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3 thoughts on “My journey with the saree pact

  1. A very nice read! The pictures are a treat to look at. Looking forward to more of these fabrics/articles. Love Kiru

  2. Anonymous on said:

    This is so inspiring..true soo many memories get out of our closet..Maybe I should get my sarees out and start wearing them…and unleash their stories.. I know for sure Anupam will be happy about it ..

  3. Anonymous on said:

    This is inspiring..
    So many memories get out of our closet…maybe I should start wearing my sarees and should stop worrying about if I look too dressy ..and unleash their stories too …i know Anupam would be happy to see me draped in a saree .

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