Christmas blabbers

As a festival Christmas is a different ball game. Somehow this festival manages to get me more involved than the rest. Christmas has always been a festival of grandeur. From childhood you see carollers on the streets singing, Christmas tree lit up with colored lights, presents under the tree for all the special friends and family, the sales in the store, the happy and generous Santa, I could go on and on on how much I love Christmas.
Christmas also denotes end of that particular year. It becomes a time to be philosophical, a time to reflect about the year gone by, create mental snap shots of what went right and what went wrong, resolution time, to plan and structure things that you want done for the next year, motivate yourself to try things you have been dreaming off… A new diet, travel promises, start job hunt, new hopes and dreams, almost a new beginning.
I read a forward today that states ‘don’t be too excited about new year stuff, it’s just the calender that has changed’ and it struck!! I call it the ‘unaki’ moment!!

Think about it!!! There is a reason why we have 365 days in a year, there is a reason why the years change, why we grow older… It’s such a waste if we had to live our life with no motivation to do different things, can’t throw out the old and welcome the new.

I have been following a resolution format for the last 3 years. Sometimes I miss chunks of months but I manage to pick it back up midway, sometimes I have crossed the line where a habit has become a decipline and seamlessly glided into the year, sometimes I have a count down, a target.. 1 international travel, 10 gratitude a day, meet or talk to a friend a month, eat at a new restaurant a week.. It can be anything and everything! I take great pains and go deep into thought over this. My 2016 brainstorming looks something like this:


Enter a caption

So I know now, that my excitement of Christmas comes with the fact that time has come to reflect on the good and the bad, to take a count of your blessings and friendship, tick off bucket lists. It’s also a time to start thinking, if you have not already, of what you want the new year to be, your secret desires, your new resolutions from the learnings of the past.

Clock is a ticking guys…it’s time to ponder, visualize and reflect on your ideal 2016, and your role to make it happen!

Wishing all my readers a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a wonderful journey into the new year.

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