The pets who adopted my family

Memories of the pets I have had, however briefly will always remain with me. They have made me laugh, cry, grovel and kept me entertained when I was sad and gave me unconditional love even before I knew what the word unconditional means.

The earliest memory of my first pet is of a little stray kitten that crept into our home. I must have been about 4 years old and totally fascinated about this tiny purring ball of fur, so scared and small. This kitten on the first morning in our home, pooped on my newly ironed uniform. It thrilled me, having to miss school for a day and stay at home. Even at that age, I loved my space and loved spending time at home! When the incident occurred the second consecutive day, inspite of the closed doors, my mom lost it! She shooed away a reluctant kitten before you could say ooops!

Sally enters our life in Mysore. This Lassapsso pup was dropped off when it was barely able to walk but stayed with us for 4 years. Named Sally because her mother’s name was Silly, was a over enthusiastic pup who loved to play and hated strangers. With her shrill bark she could scare the toughest visitors.


pet dog, nidberera,  lassapsso,



Sally bearing the brunt of my LOvE


Sally was a big part of my growing up who taught to share and that life did not revolve around just me. Apart from the usual memories of taking her for a walk, playing with her and protecting my friends from her visciousness I remember her hatred for bath. Only my dad could do the honors, and even he had to tie her mouth before dragging this very reluctant dog into the bathroom. We had to give up Sally, when we entered the apartment life. She lived the rest of her life in Coorg free to traumatize animals, bite the postman and have many such adventures that was not possible in the city.

I may have been about 20 years old when I got the next series of pets. I adopted Nuts from the street and began feeding him everyday. Soon my single dog family became a family of 3 with Butterscotch and Veerappan joining in, to roll in the tiny patch of grass, get their belly rubbed and eat a wholesome meal of milk and rice. Nuts would wait at my bus stop and give me company in my short walk home, Veerappan would sleep on my kinetic and refuse to get down. These dogs enjoyed the freedom of the streets yet acted domesticated when in my garden. They were curious about the inside of my home and would take great pains to sneak in and explore my home.




Unconditional love with Nuts & Veeru

There also was Tommy, named by my grandmother who adopted our household and demanded to be accepted. I think he had split personality, as suddenly he would gallop like a horse.

I am honored that I had these wonderful beings showing me what unconditional love is all about and happy that their memory is still capable of bringing a smile on my face.

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One thought on “The pets who adopted my family

  1. I have been lucky enough during my life so far to have been chosen by three dogs as their human. Each dog, with their own distinct personality has taught me something wonderful. The kinda blurry pictures with this post enhance your story – like a just-remembered memory or reminiscence about your pets šŸ™‚

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