Tribute to friendship

In the sweetness of friendship

Let there be laughter and sharing od pleasures

For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed

– Khalil Gibran 

I am not very good at keeping in touch, not good at showing my emotional side very often so due to my personality though I have made friends I also have had the heart break of losing a few. 

Losing a friend is hard and like any relationship I have endured enough to know whatever energy you put in to pull the friendship out of drowning waters is never enough if ego is still at play! 

 As many friends move away emotionally and geographically, we sometimes make new friends but the old ones are the foundation for who you are and how your thoughts have shaped. I believe if you want to know more about some one just look around to their friends. 

As friends you may not read the same books, or speak the same language or share the same beliefs but somewhere together you share the same thread of values and your friend will always be the best company when the going gets tough. 

On this “National Best Friends Day” I would like to say thanks you to these beautiful people who constantly inspire me and make me want to be a better friend, a better human every single day.

Thank you for being in my life and adding immense value and love in it.


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