A little bit of honesty

I am here at Catholic club watching rather than listening to UB40 perform their new numbers. I am actually just waiting for their old recognizable numbers to begin so I can start crooning. 
While It’s been a hard month with my health all topsy turvy still, it’s been a hard week as I lost someone who I was very fond off. Time, work, life and priorities did not give us the opportunity to meet and laugh regularly, but we have created good memories that I can carry with me for eternity.

So, while I was people watching during the concert, laughing at some of the dance movements created with the influence of alcohol and company – it suddenly hit me that I need to be thankful. 

Thankful to the universe that I was there in that moment to be able to enjoy a band that I remembered from school, surrounded by friends who was keeping me entertained, for the health however bad or good, it has enabled me to be here in this moment and point of time.

A big shout out saying thank you to the universe for everything – the experiences of life, the courage to go on, the energy to smile, the ability to look beyond, and to accept.

 Whenever I say thank you, I also have to thank my family for just being there and friends for the positivity they bring and a special mention to my dad, who tirelessly ensures everything is all right around me!

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